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NETICTECH S.A. (Cybernetic Technologies NETICTECH S.A.) is a private investment company from the small and medium size enterprise (SME) sector, established to stimulate highly innovative ideas through commercialisation and facilitated access to domain experts, research institutions and business partners.

Following a variety of tailored investment models, the company helps to mature ideas and enables acceleration of technology assessment, take-up and transfer.

The company closely cooperates with a group of acknowledged ICT experts and leading global companies, including Intel and Microsoft, as well as Polish players such as Alma S.A.



medVC is a remote collaboration tool for medical professionals allowing real-time audio-video communication and the usage of specialised medical services. It is designed to be installed in operating rooms, conference rooms and doctors’ offices and makes it possible to send multiple High Definition (HD) video streams coming from cameras, microscopes, endoscopes and other medical equipment. The doctors have the possibility to pause video streams, mark areas of the picture, take snapshots, and collaboratively work on DICOM images. Furthermore, medVC is capable of transmitting stereoscopic (3D) video coming from cutting edge medical devices. All these features make medVC a superb remote collaboration and education tool for medicine.

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Scottie Go!

Scottie Go! is a unique combination of interactive mobile applications and physical puzzle pieces that appeals especially to kinesthetic and teamwork aspects of learning. This game simply allows for gradual and intuitive advancement through abstract programming concepts and gemification technologies. Teachers, parents and especially kids can quickly gain basic programming skills by solving carefully selected educational tasks. So, help Scottie and become an expert in algorithmic thinking.

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Drones based e-services for agriculture One of the flagship Innovation Experiment of the SmartAgriHubs project led by Wielkopolska Agriculture Advisory Center, that is focusing on digitization of European agriculture by fostering an agricultural innovation ecosystem. Main services of the experiment includes damage estimation in agriculture, field monitoring with estimation of macro and micro deficit, thermography in farms, monitoring of orchards, performing plant protection treatments using drones.

On-line Decision Support System for optimizing fertilizers One of the flagship Innovation Experiment of the SmartAgriHubs project led by University of Life Sciences, that is focusing on digitization of European agriculture by fostering an agricultural innovation ecosystem. Main activities of the experiment includes development of the decision support system in fertilisation based on satellite data and machinery sensors.

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The company’s main activities have focused on...

The company’s main activities have focused on information and communication technologies applied in a number of important and strategic areas:

  • Future Internet services, including e-Health, e-Government, Smart Cities and new multimedia services;
  • Energy Efficient IT systems and renewable energy, including distributed energy consumption monitoring and management as well as IT infrastructure optimisation;
  • Advanced digital gaming, augmented reality and gamification technologies;
  • Cybersecurity, including evaluation of security quality, security audits, trust, identity, security of critical infrastructures;
  • Data centres, including IT infrastructure design, virtualisation, SaaS, IaaS, cloud-based and storage services;
  • Advanced computing, including large scale computing simulations, GPU computing, real-time processing, and Big Data analysis;
  • New generation networks, e.g. SDN, broadband and building backbone networks 40-100 Gbps, future network infrastructures - 5G, Network Virtualization Function (NVF).

Incubator and inventor
Begin your Start-Up with us!

NETICTECH has the expertise and capital necessary to serve as both incubator and investor. The company is experienced in cooperating with European business and financial institutions.

NETICTECH has invested its expertise, experience and capital in two innovative start-ups operating in growing markets. Grinfinity Sp. z o.o. provides power-saving solutions for large enterprises’ extensive computer networks. MedVC.eu Sp. z o.o. develops and supplies specialised audio and video transmission systems for the remote exchange of medical knowledge and data among hospitals, health centres, clinics and medical schools.

Beneficiary of EU founds
European Union trust us!

NETICTECH was awarded a grant as part of the Future Internet CHallenge eHealth (FICHe) programme of the FIWARE Accelerators. medVC remote collaboration tool for medical professionals, a NETICTECH system presented in Amsterdam in July 2015 at a FICHe session was ranked as the third solution in the entire programme (www.medvc.eu). The project was developed by NETICTECH in cooperation with Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center. the University of Lorraine, France, and the Poznan University of Medical Sciences.

CYBERNETIC TECHNOLOGIES NETICTECH S.A. realizuje projekt dofinansowany z Funduszy Europejskich „Wzmocnienie potencjału innowacyjnego firmy Cybernetic Technologies Netictech Spółka Akcyjna poprzez wdrożenie wyników prac B+R wlu rozwoju Interaktywnego Uniwersytetu Medycznego (IUM)”.lem projektu jest stworzenie Interaktywnego Uniwersytetu Medycznego, platformy podnosząca kwalifikacje lekarzy i studentów medycyny w zakresie chirurgii różnych specjalizacji medycznych. IUM wykorzystywać będzie potencjał merytoryczny klinik polskich uniwersytetów medycznych do stworzenia internetowej platformy kształcenia studentów i lekarzy wielkopolskich i krajowych uniwersytetów i szpitali. Platforma dostarczy transmisje wideo jakości HD na żywo, prosto z sal operacyjnych. Transmisje opatrzone będą komentarzem na żywo moderatorów, profesorów, oraz chirurgów wykonujących operacje. Sesje live będą interaktywne i oglądający będą mogli podczas transmisji zadawać pytania moderatorom. Każda sesja będzie nagrana i opublikowana w portalu IUM, aby zbudować eukacyjne repozytorium nagrań operacji. Numer porjektu: RPWP.01.02.00-30-0017/16-00 Wartość projektu: 625 980,00 zł Dofinansowanie projektu: 440 800,00 zł

Cybernetic Technologies Netictech S.A. otrzymała dofinansowanie ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego w ramach w ramach działania 1.2 "Sektorowe programy B+R" Programu Operacyjnego Inteligentny Rozwój 2014-2020 projektu pt.: „Opracowanie zestawu algorytmów, umożliwiającego zastosowanie proceduralnego generowania treści w produkcji gier z wykorzystaniem pętli sprzężenia zwrotnego opartej o metody eksploracji procesów”. Celem niniejszego projektu jest opracowanie zestawu algorytmów, umożliwiającego zastosowanie w grach video oraz mobilnych proceduralnego generowania treści opartego o metody eksploracji procesów. Rezultaty prac B+R bazować będą na funkcjonalnościach, pozwalających na proceduralne generowanie asymetrycznego i jednocześnie uczciwego pod kątem matematycznym świata gry, ciągłego i automatycznego balansowania rozgrywki w oparciu o dane zebrane od graczy.
Nr projektu: POIR.01.02.00-00-0173/17
Okres realizacji projektu: 01.01.2018 r. – 31.12.2019 r.
Wartość projektu: 2 023 992, 38 PLN
Dofinansowanie projektu: 1 384 661, 57 PLN


Our team ensure the opportunity to learn and improve your skills in a young and ambitious peoples full of passion.

Current open positions:

  • Expert in medicine (Ekspert w dziedzinie medycyny) - details can be found [here]